Clarification of Lariena Barcode scanning issue. Please click here.
Lariena条形码扫描问题的澄清,请点击 这里.
11st Nov 2016

Recently we are reported with barcode scanning issues on the following products: Lariena Placenta Serum Concentrate (Barcode: 90345521009097) and Lariena Cellular Whitening Concentrate (Barcode: 9345521009103).
STN International Pty Ltd certifies that the above products are manufactured by STN located in Victoria Australia. If there is any enquiry whether the product is authentic please do not hesitate to contact us on: or +61 3 9419 1022.
Otherwise you can also scan the barcode attached on this letter to verify the product origin.

Lariena Placenta Serum Concentrate
(Barcode: 90345521009097)
Lariena Cellular Whitening Concentrate
(Barcode: 9345521009103)
The above information is true and correct.

George Zhook
General Manager